Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming is not all about poofy poodles and hairspray - it's about a clean healthy dog. No matter how long or short, thick or thin a dog's coat may be, they all need regular basic grooming. Not only does a groomed dog look and smell better, he feels better too. Your dog may tell you otherwise, but then dogs don't always know what's good for them!

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Mudpuppy has built up one of the best reputations in Dunedin for our attention to detail and the care we take of your dog. We ensure that your dog is treated as carefully and gently as possible, that he is completely clean and that he is turned out looking his best. Such care takes time—we are not the cheapest option in town—but for owners who care about the quality of the groom and the way their dog is treated we guarantee satisfaction.

Brushing And Combing

This is a fundamental step in grooming your dog. Owners are expected to keep their dogs combed out in between visits but we still comb out every inch of your dog to ensure the coat is smooth, knot-free and sitting well in preparation for scissoring, clipping or any other finishing required. This is the most time consuming step and the most stressful for many dogs. It is not possible to produce an attractive groom on a dog that has not been combed out and there is no such thing as a “quick brush” for a dog that has a knotty coat. If the coat is too knotted we will have to clip it off, as extensive dematting is very stressful for your dog and is often simply not possible


We will wash your dog in one of our professional hydrobaths—a high pressure unit similar to a shower. The hydrobath is far more effective at shifting dirt and dead coat that any other kind of bathing system and its warm, massaging effect stimulates the skin and muscles. Your dog will not only look great but feel great.

 Shampoo and Conditioner

We use a range of different shampoos and conditioners, but will choose one that is right for your dogs coat and skin type.  We mainly use the Groomers Edge and Green Groom range of grooming products which are high quality, professional products specifically designed for groomers. These will soon be available for purchase in our retail shop and on our products page for you to use at home.  If your dog is an excessive shedder or if you want to control the amount of hair on your carpet we offer a specialised FURminator treatment.  It guarantees to reduce shedding by up to 80%
Please go to to see more information!


For the majority of dogs we use a forced air blow dryer to dry them after their bath. This directs a powerful jet of warm air through the coat, blasting out loose hair and water and producing a beautiful fluffed out finish. Although the blow dryer works in the same way as a human hair dryer, it is much cooler—human hair dryers are far too hot for dogs and can burn the skin and damage the coat. For dogs that do not enjoy the hair dryer, we also have a cage dryer which works by attaching to the front of a crate, which the dog is placed in.  The cage dryer gently warms the air inside the crate and the dog is more comfortable and less stressed out.  Our cage driers are top of the line and equipped with an timer and an auto cut off switch that will automatically turn if if the temperature in the cage gets to warm.


“Finishing” generally involves any scissoring or clipping that your dog requires to tidy the coat and produce an attractive appearance. This can be time consuming and detailed, as in the work required on a poodle, bichon or long coated dog, or it can be relatively simple, such as tidying up the feet of a border collie or golden retriever. Not all dogs require such attention but for most it is this attention to detail that makes the difference between a beautiful dog and one that looks less than attractive.


These prices are current as of Jan 2020

Please be aware that these prices are a guideline only.  

The price will vary depending on what you wish to have done, how knotty your dog's
coat is,  how much coat your dog has, how your dog behaves, if your dog is moulting/shedding etc.
The price may be lower for short clip offs or for well maintained coats, or higher for fancier or longer styles, excessive or matted coats etc.
Crossbred dogs are priced as the breed they most closely resemble in size and coat type.
Puppy Grooms
1st Time Puppy (under 16 weeks)
Face, Feet & Bum, Brush and comb, Bandana or Bow and colonge
Puppy Groom (16 - 24 Weeks)
as above plus Bath & Blowdry

Full Grooming Prices

Our Standard Full Grooms include the following :
  • Sanitary areas prepared and clipped including groin, armpits, between pads, bottom and face
  • Body coat fully prepared, either a pre-clip or full brush and comb out (depending on grooming requirements)
  • A massaging hydro-bath, with 2 shampoos (and a conditioner if necessary) specifically chosen for your dogs coat type and colour
  • A towel dry, then a professional high velocity blow dry to completely dry and fluff up your dogs coat in preparation for styling
  • Coat clipped and/or hand scissored to your requirements
  • Nails Trimmed
  • Finished off with a spray of doggy cologne and a funky bandana
  • A 5 point health check to alert you of any problems or health issues that we notice while grooming your pooch


X-Small Dog Small Dog Medium Dog Large Dog
VIP Clip Off - $45 VIP Clip Off - $55 VIP Clip Off - $60 VIP Clip Off $75
VIP Breed Clip - $50 VIP Breed Clip - $60 VIP Breed Clip - $70 VIP Breed Clip - POA
Casual - $45 p/h Casual - $45 p/h Casual - $60 p/h Casual - $70 p/h
To Qualify for VIP Prices
You must bring your dog in every 8 weeks or less, and they must be in a reasonable condition.
eg not rolled in something dead at the beach or full of knots.
X-Small Breed Dogs are breeds such as Chihuahuas, Papillions, or extra small versions of Small breed dogs
Small Breed dogs are usually breeds that are lap size.  Examples of this are Toy Poodles, Bichons, Cairn Terriers, West Highland Whites, Mini Schnauzers ect.
Medium Size dogs are usually dogs that stand approx just above knee height. Examples of this are Cocker Spaniels, Standard Schnauzers, Spoodles, Springer Spaniels ect
Large Size Dogs are usually breeds that stand well above knee height. Examples of this are Standard Poodles, Newfoundlands, German Shepards, Golden Retreivers ect
A clip off is described as a short back and sides!  The same length on body and legs with a little length and styling left on the head for character.
A Breed Clip is any dog that the owners wish it to look like the breed it is (or most closely resembles if a cross breed).  This involves brushing out feathering, clipping and/or hand scissoring and requires a longer grooming time than a standard clip, eg Schnauzer trim, terrier trims, Poodle trims and Bichon trims.

Bath & Blow Dry Only Prices

Our Bath and Blow dry service includes the following:
  • Your dogs coat thoroughly brushed to remove loose coat and debris
  • A deep cleaning hydro-bath, with 2 shampoos (and a conditioner if necessary) specifically chosen for your dogs coat type and colour
  • First shampoo to remove dirt on the surface of the dogs coat
  • Second Shampoo is applied with a rubber massaging brush to remove deep down dirt and loosen and remove shedding coat.
  • A towel dry, then a professional high velocity blow dry to completely dry and fluff up your dogs coat and remove any extra loose hair left from bathing.
  • Add a nail clip for 1/2 price with any Bath & Blow dry Service


X-Small Dog Small Dog Medium Dog Large Dog
Short Haired - $20.00 Short Haired - $25.00 Short Haired - $30.00 Short Haired - $35.00
Long Haired - $POA Long Haired - $POA Long Haired - $POA Long Haired - $POA
Please note:
The prices for Long Haired bath and Blow dry will vary depending on the condition of the dogs coat, whether or not they are moulting, if they need a full brush out first and the co-operation and behavior of the dog.
A Small S/H (short haired) bath and dry only is for dogs such as Jack Russel's, Whippets
A Medium S/H bath and dry only is for dogs such as Labs, GSP, staffys ect
A Large S/H bath & dry only is for dogs such as Mastiffs ect
A Small L/H (Long Haired) bath & dry only is for dogs such as maltese, L/H Chihuahuas ect
A Medium L/H bath & dry only is for dogs such as Spaniels in full coat, Samoyeds ect
A Large L/H bath & Dry only is for dogs such as New Foundlands, Golden Retreivers ect
Add on Grooming Services Price
Breath Freshening $2.50
Teeth Brushing $7.50
Ear Plucking & Cleaning From $5.00
Worming From $5.00
Flea Treatments From $15.00
Colouring From $10.00
Nails Only $10.00

Furminator Treatment

Small Dog

Medium Dog

Large Dog





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