Ziwi Peak Air Dried Dog Cuisine




Why real meat?

Simple. Your dog is descended from the wolf, one of the earliest animals to be domesticated ヨ around 10,000BC. Its intestine and digestive system has remained largely unchanged. Dogs are carnivores, plain and simple. As a result, the best diet you can provide is one in harmony with evolution ヨ one that a dogメs digestive system can easily convert into usable nutrients and energy. Itメs a diet thatメs high in protein and fat from meat ヨ the diet nature intended for long-term health, well-being and longevity.

ZiwiPeak mirrors this wild-prey, natural diet. It gives you peace of mind that youメre providing the complete and balanced nutritional support your dog needs, from a source you can trust.

Choices to suit all pets and owners

No two dogs or dog owners are alike. So our 100% natural pet food comes in air-dried pouches and easy-to-open cans.

Air-dried food

Our unique, gentle air-drying process respects the nutritional value of 90% meat, organs, fish and green-lipped mussels. It minimises damage to the proteins, vitamins and sensitive nutrients and enzymes in the all-natural ingredients, so your dog gets nearly all the benefits of a raw-meat diet. The other 10% consists of carbohydrates from natural sources, such as green tripe, chicory, kelp and parsley, plus essential vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet. The foodメs then further protected in a re-sealable airtight package.

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