Reptile One - Turtle Sticks




Reptile One Turtle Sticks are a slow sinking food intended for the daily feeding of Aquatic Turtles. Specially formulated with special vitamins and minerals intended to meet their dietary requirements, while helping to maintain good shell structure.

Reptile One recommends feeding a variety of qualilty fish foods like frozen and live foods. This will keep your Turtles happy, healthy and looking their best whist building strength to help them fight disease.

Turtles can be fed small amounts 2 to 4 times daily over a 5 minute period. Ensure your turtles eat all of the food put into the terrarium. Excess food should be removed if not consumed with 10 minutes.

It is important not to over feed your turtle. This will result in the quaility of your water deteriorating which reduces the health of your turtle and makes them susceptible to disease.

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