Newflands Hoki Oil


Size:  200ml Pump Bottle


Newflands Hoki Oil - 200ml

Unique fish oil high in Omegas that is from sustainably fished stock around the pristine waters of New Zealand.
A lovely golden liquid which is easily digested when pumped over your pets’ food.


Hoki oil
Species Macruronus Novaezelandiae
EPA 62mg/ml
DHA 105 mg/ml


  • Easy to use with pump
  • Controlled dosages
  • Very highly palatable
  • Healthy glossy coat
  • Joint Support
  • Cardiac Care
  • Cognitive function

How to Use

1pump =2ml

1-25 kg 1-2pumps

25 + kgs 3-4 pumps
This product can be increased with no side effects but may increase speed of results.

How to look after your Newflands Hoki Oil

Can it be frozen?
Yes and this will make it go thick as the fat in the oil solidifies.

My oil isn't pumping in the cold can this be fixed?
Yes either run it under warm to the touch water for a few minutes or place it in a bowl of warm to the touch water for a few minutes.

How long will my 200ml bottle last?
This depends on the size of your furbaby our 200ml bottle averagely lasts a lab 26 days as the pump holds 2ml and depends on how well you press the pump on each depression.

Why does it say "use within 1 month of opening" on your box?
Our products are best used daily in order to give the best optimal health and freshness to your furbaby.

What date is Newflands using?
We use best before and have our date of manufacture on the bottle with a batch code number.
We recommend using it within 2 years of manufacture.


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