Medica Litter Crystals 3.8 Ltr




Pet One® Medica Litter Crystals were developed
to help keep your cat healthier and happier for
longer by detecting potential health problems.
Identifying these health problems at an early
stage could potentially save your cat from a
painful life-threatening illness and veterinary

How does it work? The litter works by
changing colour, indicating signs of possible
common illnesses such as: Diabetes, Urinary
Tract Infections and Bladder Stone Crystals.
If the colour of the Crystals is outside of the
normal range, please seek veterinary advice.

• Health detection - colour changes to indicate
potential health problems.
• High Absorbency with anti-bacterial
• Anti-allergenic, non-toxic, dust free and
eliminates odours.
• Eco-Friendly, environmentally neutral.

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