Little Chintas - Tasty Tidbits Berry Flowerful 50g




This mix is a healthy colourful combination of favourite berries and flowers. Tasty and healthy, with many beneficial properties. Contains no added colours, preservatives, flavours or sweeteners; it is 100% healthy & delicious!ᅠ

Only beneficial ingredients included:
~ Crataegus oxycanthus; Supports heart health, balances blood pressure, improves digestion.
~ Vaccinium myrtillus; High in Vitamins and antioxidants. Protects ocular health, so helpful for elderly pets or pets developing cataracts. Keeps the heart, kidneys and liver healthy.
~ Calendula officinalis; High in antioxidants, anti-viral, anti-bacterial. Calming, and soothing.
~ Rosa centifolia; High in vitamin C. Promotes kidney, bladder, and liver function and healing. Improves skin health.
~ Lavandula angustifolia; High in antioxidants, supports brain health. Promotes healing and skin health.

Our Berry Flowerful has a feed ratio of 1t - 2t (1-2g per serve).
Net Weight is 50g.

Suitable for: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Birds, Rats, Mice.

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