Kaytee Hay-N-Food Feeder



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The Kaytee Hay-N-Food Bin with Quick Locks Small Animal Feeder is a convenient feeder that provides a clean food supply for guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits and other small animals. This combo feeder has one compartment for hay and a separate compartment for food. It helps keep your pet’s food fresh and clean by keeping it off the floor of the cage. The Hay-N-Food Bin comes with carabiner clips that allow you to hang the feeder securely anywhere in your pet’s cage.

Key Benefits


  • The perfect l feeder for big eaters like rabbits and guinea pigs
  • Provides a clean and constant food supply for your furry friends
  • Space saving design easily attaches to wire cages giving your pet valuable room to play and sleep
  • Bin Feeder comes with mounting carabiner clips that attach quickly and easily
  • Easy to clean by hand washing with warm water and mild detergent

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