Ezapet - 30g



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Eezapet is a premium pet health care solution which has been used for horses

rightthrough to mice

A natural effective answer to

  • rashes
  • allergic reactions
  • hot spots
  • cuts & abrasions
  • sunburn & burns
  • itchy skin concerns
  • insect bites & bee stings
  • scarring

Promotes hair regrowth

Nothing nasty, nothing hidden, 100% natural, safe for you and safe for our environment. Free from animal testing

Our products are made in New Zealand and tested on humans first

Eezapet herbs individually and collectively activate on the skin. Our herbs have been used for over a thousand years and have a history of showing a variety of properties:
Sesame oil –anti oxidant
Beeswax –natural preservative, promotes tissue regeneration
Angelica -anti microbial, reduces itching
Figwort -anti inflammatory
Peony -anti inflammatory
Rhubarb root –anti bacterial
Cinnamon –anti bacterial

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