Entertaineeze - Treat Ball




Every pooch needs a dog treat ball like this one! It promotes thinking and discourages boredom, which in turn puts a stop to destructive chewing.

Bored dogs often get into mischief so give them an Entertaineze dog treat ball to distract them. It has a durable rubber construction that is slightly springy.

  • Simply poke treats through the hole, shake them to the bottom and then give to your dog.
  • Your dog will roll the ball and chew it in order to get the treats/dry food to fall through the maze inside.
  • Just wash it by running warm tap water through the hole to wash the inside.

Size: Small, 7cm
Recommended for: Small dogs under 15kg and puppies

Size: Medium, 9cm
Recommended for: Medium dogs 15kg - 30kg

 Size: Large, 11cm

Recommended for: Large dogs over 30kg

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