Beco Cat Bowl



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low sides help avoid discomforting friction for cats with long whiskers, recently won a top award from a leading UK animal welfare charity.ᅠInternational Cat Careᅠpraised our bowlメs モthoughtfulヤ design and awarded it their ムCat Friendly Awardメ. The charityメs CEO, Claire Bessant, said: モThe Beco Cat Bowl is simple, but thought through beautifully, we loved it. An eco-friendly, cat-friendly product ヨ well you canメt really beat that, can you?ヤ

All of our bowls are designed to be both eco-friendly and functional and our cat bowl is no different. Made from waste plant fibres found in bamboo and rice husks, they are completely sustainable to produce, are dishwasher friendly in the home and biodegradable when finished with. With the same 4 wave design as our other bowls, the cat bowl has a much lower rim so that sensitive whiskers donメt brush up against the sides making dinner time a much more enjoyable experience.

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