Raw Meat Pet Food

 Mudpuppy offers a full range of fresh and frozen pet foods.  We are the only Pet Retailer in Dunedin that has been approved by NZ Food Safety.  So you can guarantee you are getting the freshest and best quality pet food.
We have a small amount of pet food available on our online shop (click here to see what available) but unfortunately  there is limited delivery options due to the nature of chilled/frozen freight.  We can deliver frozen pet food locally around Dunedin, and also into Central Otago.
Does your dog have itchy skin? Ear problems, hot spots or irritable tummies?  These could all be down to a food intolerance.
If your dogs needs a specialized diet due to food allergies or intolerance, please let us know and we can tailor a diet to suit your pet.  Kim is passionate about pet food and has obtained a Certificate in Dog Nutrition so will give you the advice you need to help beat the itches!
Not all pet food is created equal, so please be aware that a "premium brand" might not be what you think it is!!!
click here for additional information www.dogfoodanalysis.com
We have farmed meat and also a small range of wild meat available.
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Fresh products available by pre-order only
(please note products and prices are subject to change as some are seasonal)

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