Doggy Daycare

Dogs come to day care for all kinds of reasons - long hours spent alone, tradesmen coming to the house, behavioral problems, or just for a chance to mix with canine company. Whatever your lifestyle, we offer a fun, safe, social environment for your dog for those times when you can't be there yourself.

Playtime at Daycare Zeke at Daycare Digby and Ted playing

We're lucky enough to be able to offer our day care dogs both indoor and outdoor facilities, so there's room to run whatever the weather. We have an indoor/outdoor area for the big dogs and a seperate area for the small or more timid dogs. Whether wrestling with friends, playing with toys, exploring the yard or just basking in the sun, day care dogs have constant human and canine company and go home happy and tired at the end of the day.
We cater for dogs of all breeds and ages but for everyone's safety and enjoyment we do have certain requirements before we can accept a dog for day care:
  • The dog must be completely social and non-aggressive around all dogs and all people under all circumstances. A dog that shows any dominance or fear aggression, or is over-protective of toys or food, can’t be accepted for day care.
  •  The dog must be spayed or neutered once it is older than 6 months.
  •  The dog must be house-trained. 
  • The dog must not be an excessive barker - we have neighbours too! 
  •  All dogs MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED and Vaccinated Cert must be sighted.
  • All dogs must complete a 1/2 day trial.  This is FREE and we will assess your dog to see if it is suitable for the daycare environment.  Most dogs instinctively enjoy the company of other dogs, but some do not.  If we feel that your dog is excessively upset or scared we will let you know.  It is not fun for a wee dog to be hiding in the corner all day. 



You can leave your dog for as long or as short a time as you like and he is welcome as a casual or a regular visitor. You and your dog are welcome to come along for a visit to see our facilities and gain an idea of whether your dog will enjoy the day care environment. Unfortunately due to the new health and safety regulations, this inspection now must be done on a Saturday, while there are no daycare dogs in our care.  Some dogs find it a bit overwhelming at first, but most dogs instinctively enjoy the company of their own kind and settle in very quickly
Milo at Daycare Puppy at Daycare Digby at Daycare
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