Sera Holiday Food - 10 tablets



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Sera Holiday is a long term staple food for tropical fish in community aquariums. The unique layered formulation of each tablet delivers a constant supply of high protein food to your fish - even when you're not there to feed them!



  • A few days prior to departure, place a tablet on the aquarium gravel to help your fish become accustom to eating Sera Holiday Food.
  • On the day of departure, feed your fish the normal quantity of their regular food and place the correct number of Sera Holiday tablets (according to the feeding guide) on an open area of gravel.
  • Your fish can begin eating from the tablet 24 hours later.


Tablets maintain their freshness for 7 days.



Do not use for surface feeding fish or fish that will not accept dry food e.g. Hatchet Fish.

Complete a partial water change a few days prior to departure and ensure that all water values are within range.

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